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GDPR excessive verbiage reduced, redux.


I take your privacy seriously.[1] I don't intentionally collect any information about my site visitors [2] unless you voluntarily provide it. Currently that would include:

  • Subscribing to my mailing list;

  • Commenting on a blog;

  • Sending email through the form on the contacts page.

In each case, you control whether you interact with this site. You certainly don't have to do any of those things. You don't even have to be here (though I'm glad you are). You have the option to remove or edit any comments on the blog (handled via blog icons). You have the right to opt in or out of specific types of mails, or unsubscribe altogether (details in emails). You have the right to ask me via email to remove you from my contacts and delete any emails (via email)[3].

I will not share your data intentionally with anyone, unless:

  • it is required by law;

  • it is for reasons related to legal protection

  • it is by nature public (e.g., blog posts).

I try to use only trustworthy software and services. If I have reason to believe a partner or vendor is no longer trustworthy, I will move my business elsewhere and do what I can to purge all data from the previous vendor.

Cookies & Wix

I love cookies, especially chocolate chocolate chip. But this section is about the tiny, invisible electronic data collection critters that remember things like your name, your last visit timestamp, your computer's IP address, and your great grandmother's pet's maiden name. Most people with internet access have already been clubbed over the head repeatedly about cookies, but the European Union thinks more clubbing will magically[4] provide user protection (perhaps they think tiny, invisible faeries are behind this) so every website in the free world now wields a cookie club. Unfortunately, they are almost never chocolate chocolate chip.

This website is built on Wix technology. Wix uses some cookies, which you can read about here: .

For information on how Wix handles this site's visitors' data please review sections 8, 12, and 13 of Wix's Privacy Policy.


  1. Apparently it's expected that everyone say that, but in my case, it's true. After all, I expect mine to be taken seriously.

  2. That would be y'all.

  3. That may not happen, as I tend to keep correspondence for everyone's protection.

  4. End the war on adverbs!

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