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Miles O'Neal


I am a friend, brother, father, uncle, grandfather, husband, former youth pastor, storyteller, author, software developer, and musician. After years of adventuring with my family, wife, and business, I'm finally wirting and publishing all the stories that have lived so vividly in my heart and mind.


With this new adventure, I have a vision to bless the next generation (and the current generations!) of creatives and to amass resources and prayers for people in other countries.


I love my wife & family, people of all kinds, Chuy's Mexican Restaurants, tie-dye and all sorts of music, especially rock music. And stories- novels, short stories, movies, you name it.


I love imparting to others, including speaking at various events on writing, identity, purpose, job/career, being mothers & fathers, and the importance of family & community.


I live on the edge of the hill country near Round Rock, TX with my wife, dragons, and whatever crawls out of my imagination.




When we first stepped off the plane my niece and I looked at each other in surprise and said, "This feels like home." Over the next three weeks I reallybonded with the land and the people. I can't forget them. I've always been the kind of person who wants to give back. With my adventures in writing I'm amassing resources to invest in the youth in Albania. Join me in bringing creativity, hope, and skill to Albanian youth.



I'm starting small - sending money to help the impoverished and displaced people in Tirane, the capital city. This will be handled by a dear friend and trusted Albanian partner, Genti. Soon I hope to help Albanians start their own businesses in the music industry. Join me in bringing creativity, hope, and skill to Albanian youth.



I love investing in the next generation... I believe it is vital for each generation to impart to those around it. With love, support, encouragement and practical tools, I aim to empower those who have a dream deep inside to get it on paper and to start changing the world with it.


Join me in later 2017 for two days away focused on our craft & creativity. We'll spend time talking about writing, publishing, staying encouraged, writing, the role of love in the process, and hope... and writing.


It's appropriate for writers of all backgrounds & skill levels.


Enrollment begins soon.

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Creativity for Change


Vision for a Generation

Author's headshot (Miles O'neal)

"My goal is to live to be at least 120 years old. If I wrote two or three books every year


for the rest of my life, I'd still have ideas sitting on the shelf at the end of my days."


- Miles O'Neal

Manual typewriter
Miels with child in Albanian Roma camp

I believe in a happy, healthy planet.

A minimum of 10% of my proceeds go to trusted charities.

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