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Who Do You Want To Read More About?

Stylized dragon against series' moonstone patterned background

While I am taking a break from working on novels this year, I have plans to write more books (and some shorter stories) related to The Dragon Lord Chronicles. In particular, I want to explore some of the characters we met along the way, and some of the back stories that drove Gerald's story in The Dragon Lord Chronicles. Which of these would you like to read more about? If it's most or all of them, who would you like to read about first?

  • Sally - I really expected Sally to take a more active part as the series progressed, but if you've read the books, you know what happened. There's a lot more to her life than what you've read so far.

  • Sholto - I had hoped to hear more of his life, which is very different from that of anyone else he knows. Will he accomplish his vision?

  • Kenna - I could probably spend the rest of my life writing Kenna's story. The faerie live for centuries and Kenna's life turns out to be even more interesting than those of most of her kin.

  • Cuthbert - I definitely plan to write a book of Cuthbert's dragon lore, but he's far more than the best dragon lore master in Europe. His story begs to be told.

  • K'Pene - This African queen gave up her throne to help her people after they were ravaged by dragons, following a dream to "the land where men paint their faces blue". She is a warrior, healer, and more. Few others could have captured Murdoch's heart.

  • Merlin & Morgan le Fay - Their stories cross often, and are quite different than you have heard elsewhere. As far as we know, they were the two most powerful non-draconic beings on earth.

  • Argyll I (grandmother to the Argylls Gerald met) - How did she come to be so mad? How and why did she establish a dynasty of madness and mayhem?

  • Argyll the Green - Gerald's chief Nemesis seems evil through and through. What was his life like, and what drove him so far along the path of evil?

  • Ferdinand (the first Eldest known to Gerald) - One of the greatest dragons in history, he led a revolution in how the dragons thought and interacted among themselves and with other races.

  • Aurelia - I find this enigmatic waif (who is anything but a waif) one of the most interesting folk in the books. Her past, her present, and her future fascinate me.

  • Voices - Really, what do we know of them? Is their past of interest to us? Are their lives? Or are they simply extensions of the dragons' will, organic devices of communication and occasional action?

Who else? Kyla? Derek? Cle? Freda? Wandap? Song Li? Samantha? Wallace? Cynthia? Druze? You tell me!

There are also larger stories to tell, such as what really happened the night so many disappeared from Cair Nonesuch. And what of Morticum and Vitae?

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Copyright 2019 Miles O'Neal, Round Rock, TX Illustration based on an element of the logo for The Dragon Lord Chronicles by Allison Metcalfe.

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