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Evocative Imagery

This is one of my favorite images from Year of the Dragon Lord, volume I of The Dragon Lord Chronicles. It evokes some of the chaos and pathos of the violent past involving humans and dragons. While we never hear what took place in Lochmaldie[1], it's clear that some great tragedy befell it, leaving many humans and dragons dead. It is now a sacred place of sorts, where enemies- or even those who are simply wary of one another- may safely meet. The many relics scattered about guarantee safety for all.

Some day I'd love to have someone draw or paint a larger scene from chapter 32 of this book ("A Strange Name").

The previous chapter (Merlin, Elijah, & Dunvegan) contains another fave. I sent Alli pics of the castle and she drew her vision of what it might have looked like without the modern gardening. I love this both because the castle represents a place of safety and tranquility just before things get hairy. but also because my wife and I visited the castle, and it feels as majestic and magical in real life as it does in the book. Skye is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the staff at the castle are both knowledgeable and personable. We hung around after the tour to ask questions, and they were delighted to talk to us until they had something else on their schedules.

Do you have a favorite illustration or painting from a book? Have you always wished for one in particular? What would that be, and why?

NOTES [1] Known as Lochmaddy today.

Copyright 2019 Miles O'Neal, Round Rock, TX Illustrations from chapters 31 & 32 of Year of the Dragon Lord by Alli W. Ritchie

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