• Miles O'Neal

Riffing on the Past That Wasn't There

Sharon and Miles's first kiss as a married couple

You're at a vow renewal where your spouse knows the bride, but you know only your spouse and two people sitting on the bride's side. At the reception, a videographer asks if you have anything you'd like to say to the bride and groom.

Your spouse, knowing the bride and being a really great person, comes up with something sweet and adds a cool blessing. It's your turn.

The obvious thing- at least if you are me- is to just be honest: "Hey, I don't know either one of you, but that was a great wedding. Thanks for inviting us, and thanks especially for the fajitas and cake!"

On the plus side it's honest. On the minus side it sounds cynical. But if you're me, that obvious thing is too mundane. Your creative side takes over. You riff and create a memory. After a quick blessing of the bride and groom, you gaze painfully into the invented past for a few seconds before finishing.

"I think my favorite memory of you two is the time we went zip-lining. I fell and broke my leg. I waited and waited for you to come help but it was three days before anyone showed up. I almost died. Then I found out y'all were so overwhelmed by love that you suddenly had to have a second honeymoon. I couldn't fault you for that. Y'all rock."

P.S. This is all true. Welcome to my life.

Copyright 2014, 2019 Miles O'Neal, Round Rock, TX. All rights reserved. Photo credit: Scott Foust. Photo belongs to my wife and me. It's us, not the couple renewing their vows in the story above.

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