• Miles O'Neal

My Loved One's Heart

human heart in a jar

My loved one's heart belongs to me, not worshiped from afar, but right here sitting close to me - I keep it in a jar.

We met at Hollywood and Vine, She saved me from a cop About to take me off to jail After I failed to come to a stop,

For when he ran the license check, They said to haul me in, "That Dahmer guy is quite insane - He ate someone again."

She whacked the cop and knocked him out (Though he was rather tough) And we cooked him up and shared a meal (But he wasn't done enough).

Eventually she tired of me But I couldn't let her split; My lover's heart is all that's left - The rest went on the spit.

This was in response to a contest set up on AOL by 1-800-Flowers in 1995. I didn't win. (Also, I originally typed "Dahlmer", so I may have been disqualified for name-mangling. I can't see any other reason not to have won.) The contest guidelines:

To enter, simply write a brief poem of 20 lines or less explaining why your loved one's heart belongs to you. Include how you met your loved one. Was it on-line? Was it at work? Was it at a social function? The poems should also include the wackiest thing ever done for them "in the name of love."

Happy Valentine's Day!

Copyright 1995, 2019 Miles O'Neal, Austin, TX. All rights reserved.

Illustration credit: www.vecteezy.com . Used with permission via attribution.

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