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A knife near his boots!

“Përshëndetje!” Gerald said, but after saying “greetings,” he could think of no more Shqip for the occasion. Given Kenna’s expression, that might be just as well. I probably mangled it anyway.

Kenna started to speak, but the largest warrior pointed at her and said, “Zanë!”

The Albanians grew tense. Gerald felt Kenna tense as well, though he saw no outward indication.

Kenna asked something in Shqip. Luan responded after a brief conversation with the big warrior. Selene told the others, “He called her a faerie. He seems to be some sort of seer. Luan is concerned, mainly because Kenna kept it a secret. The other two seem superstitious.”

Kenna stood up straight, appearing slightly taller than she really was. She said one more thing. Luan shook his head yes and spoke to his men. Endrit and the seer visibly calmed, but the remaining warrior still looked tense. Almost too quickly to see, he drew a knife and threw it at Kenna. Gerald overcame the temptation to draw his own weapon and turned to push Kenna to safety; but the faerie leapt forward, caught the knife mid-flight, and threw it back. It hit point first, burying itself to the hilt in a tree root an inch from the warrior’s left boot.

Excerpt from Chapter 6, "A Less Permanent Passage", of Golden Dawn, Book IV of The Dragon Lord Chronicles. Due out soon!

Illustration (rough version) by Alli W. Ritchie

Copyright 2018 Miles O'Neal, Round Rock, TX

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