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My Interview on the "Drink Read Love" Blog

Author (Miles O'Neal) with bluebonnets and longhorns

Much of this interview originally took place before the third volume of The Dragon Lord Chronicles (Into Otherness) was released, but it was slightly revamped to account for that book before the blog was published.

I love interviews like this that get inside the interviewee's head and go beyond the standard questions. I hope you enjoy the glimpses into my world. Since that's mainly what my blog is about, it seems a natural fit.

Read the review here.

Drink Read Love is a blog pairing books + drinks. "Grab a drink and a book and get ready to read."

Full disclosure: The author of the referenced blog is my daughter, but she would not have done this interview- much less published it on her blog- if she did not think these books worthy of reading on their own merits. If I didn't trust her objectivity, I would not quote the interview or link to it. Life is too short for such shenanigans.

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