• Miles O'Neal

Getting Your Kicks Long Before Route 66

An excerpt from Volume II of the Dragon Lord Chronicles: Nemeses Unexpected .​

(Cynthia- a healer thrice Gerald's age- broaches the subject of Gerald's dreams over supper.) "If I may, I would like to stay here tonight and sleep in this room with Gerald. Oh, not in the bed with Gerald, Neakal. Don't look so scandalized! I simply need to be near him. And there are herbs I need to burn that will help us both sleep deeply. One of my gifts is that sometimes I can dream what another dreams, especially a true dreaming. I have never tried with this sort of dream, but I know of no better way to proceed."

"Have no fear, brother," Gerald said to Neakal. "Cynthia is both the safest and most dangerous woman in the valley."

Sally kicked him under the table.

"Although Sally is a close second."

She kicked him again, but not as hard.

"So don't even think about sleeping with her."

Neakal and Cynthia both kicked him. His shins would be sore tomorrow. Cle pretended to yawn, hiding his laughter and thus avoiding getting kicked as well. Artwork by Alli W. Ritchie

Copyright 2016, Miles O'Neal, Round Rock, TX.

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