• Miles O'Neal

Who's Inside Whose Mind?

“I saw you in my dreams. You were dreaming. You walked in your dreams. You seemed puzzled. You were looking inside a skull, peering in the openings, trying to see into its mind. A small, green dragon with blue eyes fell out of the skull. It grew to your size, snatched the skull, and ran away. You woke up and were gone from my dream."

We all need people who share our hopes and dreams. But when someone literally has our dreams, it can feel pretty strange. It's worth paying attention, especially to the things they see differently.

Gerald is paying attention to what Ivor's saying, but is he really hearing him? We'll find out in Nemeses Unexpected, volume II of The Dragon Lord Chronicles, due out by early December of 2016!

Illustration by the inimitable Alli Walker.This is a photo of an unfinished illustration.

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