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Cover art survey results, contest winners

Cover art survey results: two to one in favor of lighter cover with gold letters

As promised, here are the survey results and winners of the drawing for signed, free copies of Year of the Dragon Lord. Books will be delivered as soon as reasonably possible after they are available.


  • Christina Raymond

  • Rina Vance

  • Michelle Daramy

I had planned on selecting one winner per 100 entrants including two entries for each person who shared the survey/contest link. But as I forgot to add the second entries for those who shared the link, I put those names in a virtual hat and selected one of them at random for a third winner. (Names published with winners' permission.)

Survey details

The results, including comments, are available as a PDF at http://www.netads.com/9realms/yotdl-cover-poll.pdf . There is one name embedded in the comments; she gave permission for it to be used. Thanks so much to everyone who responded to the survey or elsewhere. There were another forty to fifty responses across social media; these also ran in favor of the lighter cover, but at a ratio slightly less than two to one.

Theoretically fine print Winner selection process: entrant emails and/or names were put into files and a program was run that picked random lines from those files to select the winners. One file had all the survey responders who entered; the second file contained names of those who shared the link.

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