• Miles O'Neal

There is no box.

Miles O'Neal, Austin author (photo credit: Elkk Photography)

I used to say, "I've written pretty much everything but novels and romance. I can't write those."

Then I accidentally (yes, really!) wrote a novel. Later, one of my short stories accidentally (ditto!) turned out to be a romance at heart.

A few years ago, I heard God say, "There is no box." Every box I have found myself in since that point has eventually been shown to be an illusion of my own making or of my belief in an untruth someone else spoke.

Our biggest enemy is unbelief.

Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? What were you made for?

Anything is possible.

How do I know? I wrote a novel, and the next is on the way.

Go for it.

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