• Miles O'Neal

Excerpt from YEAR OF THE DRAGON LORD, Due Out Fall 2015

As they approached the dragons, Younger dove at a dragon not engaged at the moment. As he passed over the other dragon, Younger dropped Gerald. Though terrified, Gerald drew his claymore. As he fell beside the dragon's great neck he swung with all his might. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Younger closing rapidly on Argyll, who left off chasing the Eldest to meet the threat.

His arms nearly tore out of their sockets as his claymore sliced into the dragon's neck, biting deeply, cutting half way through before being jerked from Gerald's hands. Gerald continued falling. The dragon flew on maybe another second or two, then crumpled and fell with Gerald.

Fascinated, thrilled to have helped, regrets flooding his mind at dying young, Gerald watched the waves rush up toward him. A brilliant flash from above and behind reflected off the sea, momentarily blinding him, as screams of rage and pain overcame the wind whistling in his ears. Something snatched him up. He waited for death...

Miles O'Neal Austin Author Year of The Dragon Lord

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